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Day Training 

How it works:​

  • Start with filling out an intake form and telling me more about you, your dog, and your goals.

  • Schedule an initial consultation available both in person or virtually. 

  • After the consultation, you'll purchase the 4 week Day Training starter package.

  • Scheduled within 6 weeks: 8 sessions with In Tune and your dog, 4 family transfer sessions. 

In Tune can help!​

  • With over a decade of experience, we specialize in fear, aggression, and reactivity (stranger danger, resource guarding, noise sensitivity etc.).

  • Prevention is worth a pound of cure! Contact me to prepare for your incoming puppy/dog.

Get started today!


When you schedule a consultation, you will be provided educational videos, reading materials, and you will be asked to send relevant video footage of your dog. During the 60 minute consultation, we will discuss your dog's day to day routine and the behaviors you want to address. I will recommend an enrichment plan, management protocol, and opportunistic training guidelines. You are encouraged to take notes and recordings during the session. I will provide you with notes via email within 2 working days.

Pre-Arrival/Adoption Consults

This session will cover most of the above plus how to interview a breeder/rescue and how to find the right breed/dog for your lifestyle. Additionally you will receive tips on how to dog proof your home, ways your breeder/rescue can assist with a smooth transition, guidelines for the first days and weeks to come, and much more!

Virtual: $200    In Person: $250

4 Week Starter Package

This package includes 8 training sessions with In Tune and your dog. During the first several sessions, basic foundation skills will be taught. Once your dog has a solid foundation, training sessions with be taken out into your neighborhood and when appropriate, your dog will be taken out on field trips. Family transfer sessions will be scheduled every 3rd session. After the starter package is complete, I will recommend additional training as needed.

*Puppies under 5 mos of age will be taken out on field trips immediately.*

12 In Person Sessions: $2100​​

Get in Touch

Let's get to know each other! Start by reading through this page including "The Fine Print" below. Review my training philosophy here to ensure we align. Fill out a brief intake form, and I'll be in touch via email. 

The Fine Print


In Person Sessions:

  • Vaccinations and masks required. I am immunocompromised and appreciate your due diligence.

  • Service area - 10 mile radius (roughly) from Central SJ.

  • In person training (usually) starts in your enclosed outdoor space.

  • Appointments offered Mon-Weds 12:30pm-5:00pm with limited availability Thurs-Sun.

Expectations for Training: Dogs are living organisms and thus training time frames and results have many variables. Including but not limited to; past training, learning curve (owner and dog), breed specialty, adherence to the training plan, and more. I will do my best to give you an accurate estimate of training time and results, but ethically cannot give guarantees. Click here to read my ethics pledge.


Commitment: I am committed to your success! I limit the amount of appointments I have daily and am just a text or email away. I do ask that you financially commit to training by paying for services at the time of booking. 


Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy: You will be charged in full for the appointment unless your appointment slot is filled by another client or in the case of an emergency.


Refunds: There are no refunds after payment is accepted. Fees are transferable to other services or clients at my discretion. 

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