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Health Requirements: 1 week+ past health exam by primary vet, first DHPP & clear fecal test.

Scheduled: CIV and Bordetella.

Proper socialization is like vaccinating your puppy against developing aggression/fear. During In Tune's structured Playgroup sessions, puppies will be matched with appropriate playmates. Learn how we read canine body languge and perform consent tests. These skills will de-escalate potential arguments and teach pups there are other options besides aggression (walking away and humans stepping in). Puppies will be exposed carefully to different objects, surfaces, noises, and body handling.


Health Requirements: 1 week+ past health exam by primary vet, first DHPP and clear fecal test.

Scheduled: CIV and Bordetella.


Take advantage of this critical period in your pup’s life when you can prevent fears, phobias, and aggression. You will learn proper socialization techniques (it’s more than just exposing your puppy to the world), body handling, bite inhibition, and many more to help in raising a confident dog. Each session we will discuss common puppy challenges and solutions. During our class play sessions, you will learn how to read dog body language and how to perform canine consent tests.

Cue covered: Mat, Sit, Down, Touch, Impulse Control Drills, Leash Handling.

Doggy ABCs

Health Requirements: Yearly wellness exam, DHPP, and clear fecal test. 


Scheduled: Bordetella, CIV Rabies.

This beginning class will include information on basic concepts including how to keep your dog motivated to train, how to play tug properly, to prevention exercises for fear and aggression. Every week we will discuss common behavior problems and how to manage and modify those behaviors. Build a solid foundation that will benefit you and your pup for years to come, register today!

Cues Covered: Mat, Emergency Recall, Sit, Down, Touch, Stay, Loose Leash Walking.

Doggy Prep

Health Requirements: Yearly wellness exam, 1 week+ past DHPP, Bordetella, CIV, Rabies, and clear fecal test.


This intermediate course will build on what you have already learned in Doggy ABCs with new elements mixed in. We will incrementally add more distractions and distance to previously practiced cues. Have fun learning to recall your dog from 30 feet away, heeling in new environments, perfecting your stay with food/toys being thrown around, and more! At the end of this course you will be prepared to take your training on the road with our outdoor class!

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