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Meet Nancy

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Nancy Le is a certified professional dog trainer that's been serving the South Bay Area since 2012. She is committed to effective training using force free and reward based training methods. Nancy is a 2016 honors graduate of the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers, 2-year program (CTC). Also known as the "Harvard for Dog Trainers," she continues her education through collaboration, case studies, and continuing education courses with Academy mentors, graduates, and students. 


Additional certifications:

2023-Fear Free Shelters Program

2021-Separation Anxiety Professional (SAPRO)

2019-Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT)

2015-Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT)

2012-Animal Behavior College (ABCDT)

2012-AKC CGC Evaluator


Petunia, an English Staffy, she was the muse of In Tune Dog Training. Adopted from HSSV while Nancy was volunteering and not planning on adopting a dog! Nancy's struggles with Petunia's training, finding the right trainer/methods, inspired her to seek proper education to help others. Petunia crossed the rainbow bridge Sept 2022, her legacy lives on through Nancy's work.

Petey, an American Staffy mix and a foster fail from SJ ACC. He was a great teacher due to his fear and aggression towards new people and dogs. He was the goofiest guy who lived out his days stress and fear free. He crossed the rainbow bridge Nov 2022, his legacy lives on through all the fearful dogs that Nancy has the privilege to help everyday.

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