Frequently asked questions are below. If don't see your question, email In Tune.

Do you offer in person training?

Yes! All group classes are in person with the exception of the virtual orientation. 

Private lessons are offered both virtually or in person. In person 1 on 1 training is offered to vaccinated families who are located within 10 miles of Central SJ.

What are your Covid-19 protocols?

For all in person meetings, I ask that you are vaccinated, wear a N95 mask/equivalent or double mask with cloth over surgical mask. Social distancing and meeting outdoors whenver possible.

Group classes are limited to 6 families with 2 humans from each household.

Do you offer make up sessions for group classes?

When you must miss an in person class, you may attend virtually. I can also record the class for you and email you notes.

I am signing up for multiple services, is there anyway to bypass inputting all my information?

Make an account with the scheduling software. The system will save most of your information. 

What are the vaccination requirements for group classes?

All classes require: DHPP, clear fecal test, and exam with your primary vet. On schedule, if not done already: Bordetella, CIV, Rabies.

I want to sign up for classes, but don't have all the vax records, what should I do?

Sign up for class and upload a placeholder. You can send me vax records as you receive them. If for any reason your dog is not clear before the first in person class, you may attend virtually, there are no refunds or transfers.

I am unsure if I should socialize my puppy before they are fully vaccinated, what do you recommend?

The American Veterinay Society of Animal Behavior recommends you socialize your puppy after the first set of vaccinations. Socialization is like vaccinating your puppy against behavior problems and it's best done before 4 months of age. Studies have shown that dogs that socialize early in a controlled environment are not at higher risk of infectious disease. 

50% of dogs in shelters are there due to behavioral problems. 30% of those dogs are from breeders. 20% being from rescues/shelters and other sources.

"The risk of your puppy developing serious behavior problems from being poorly socialized is far greater than that of infectious disease."

- UC Davis 

I have a new puppy, what training options do we have?

I recommend you start with a 1 on 1 consultation before your puppy arrives or soon after. Preschool and Playgroups are the best way to get a lot of information and socialization quickly. You can supplement with 1 on 1 training and specialty classes once you learn your dog's individual needs. 

Are group classes right for my dog?

Group classes are recommended for all puppies under 5 months of age and training goals are prevention of fear and aggression.


For dogs 5 months+, your dog should not bark at other dogs/people while on leash. Your training goals should be basic manners NOT fear or aggression.

My dog is showing fear/aggression, what training options do I have?

I can offer you 1 on 1 training. I love working with fearful and aggressive dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and needs.


Group classes and self paced courses are available and might be an option for you. Check the Referrals Page.