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Whether you have a new puppy, newly adopted dog, or your 4-legged friend can benefit from new skills, In Tune Dog Training can help! With over a decade of experience, we specialize in separation anxiety, fear, aggression, and prevention training for puppies and newly adopted dogs. We offer in person reward based dog training in the South Bay Area and virtual training anywhere the interwebs reaches. Training that both you and your dog can feel good about! 

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Learn how to train your dog at home with a professional dog trainer as your personal instructor. Weekly in-person or virtual sessions improve your dog's behavior and give you the confidence to handle them in any situation.


Too busy to train your dog? Day Training might be the right fit for you. This option allows In Tune to train your dog without your presence. This frees you up to enjoy other activities. Don't worry, transfer sessions will ensure your dog can work with you too!

Vaccinate your puppy against behavior problems with In Tune Puppy Playgroups! Learn how to match your dog with appropriate playmates and referee dog play. Practice Classical Conditioning, the proper way to socialize your puppy.

What is reward based training?


The best minds in animal behavior and the latest research tells us all animals regardless of species, size, and age learn the same way (Operant Conditioning). We will train your dog by rewarding them with things they enjoys (food, toys, access to social stimuli) to increase behaviors we want more of. And, we take those same things away when we want to decrease unwanted behaviors. Learn more about how we train dogs including fearful and aggressive dogs on our training philosophy


"We’re so glad Nancy came into our lives. Her training helped me tremendously as a dog owner to have a better relationship with my Pit Bull Kato. Thanks so much Nancy!"

– Angela C. & Kato

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