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Puppy Playgroups

Downtown Dogs 

D for Dog Training 

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Puppy and Basic Group Classes

D for Dog Training

My Fantasic Friend

Fear and Aggression


Group Classes:

D for Dog Training

Just Rewards K9

Dog Kind

Holden K9


Hope for Canines


Wag n Train

Dog Kind

Holden K9

Rescued by Training

Day School, Day Training, Board & Train

D for Dog Training

Wag n Train

Sierra Dogs

Separation Anixety


Group & Self Paced

Subthreshold Training

Malena Demartini


Believe in Your Dog

Wag the Dog and Company

My Fantastic Friend

Body Handling, Tricks, and more!

The Dog Abides


Doggy Geeks

A Matter of Manners

Pet Care 

Boarding - Swishing Tails Dog Training

Dog Sitting - Andie Garibaldo 408-767-0232

Dog Walking - Stephanie Foster 650-814-8372

Dog Walking & Sitting Good Sit

Daycare - Downtown Dogs

Fear Free Vets

VT Cody - Cherry Chase Pet Hospital

Dr. Forgy - Pinnacle Animal Hospital 

Indy's Animal Hospital 

Veterinary Behaviorists - SF SPCA 

Fear Free Groomers


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