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Separation Anxiety

Is your dog distressed when left alone?
We can help! 

Separation Anxiety affects your entire household, preventing you from going out or knowing that your dog is suffering while home alone. But there is help! 


With our proven program you can teach your dog that it’s safe to be home alone. Get step-by-step training, along with support and encouragement, to gradually teach your dog to be comfortable staying home alone. 


You can regain your freedom and feel confident that your dog is no longer in distress. 

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Initial Consultation

Virtual -$200

In Person - $250

Our separation anxiety program begins with an initial consultation available both virtually and in person.


We’ll discuss your dog’s behavior, medical history, and how the training program works. We will work together to put into place an enrichment and management protocol.

Phase 1

Virtual - $145/Session

In Person - $195/Session

During these first 6 sessions/weeks we will fine tune your enrichment and management protocol. Additionally, we will install foundation behaviors specifically curated for separation anxiety. Your dog may need more sessions or may progress to the next phase faster than average. In that case, you will receive a credit. 

Phase 2

Virtual - $580/Month

On a month-by-month basis (4 sessions a month), we will begin gradually introducing your dog to your absence. Our goals will be learning your dog's unique behavior patterns when left alone and teaching you the process of writing training plans. 

Between training sessions you'll receive:

  • Feedback and support as you progress through the training program.

  • Video review of your training sessions as needed.

  • Encouragement and coaching to make the most of your training.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Remote Training Work? 

Training for separation anxiety involves having your dog become accustomed to spending time alone, making it a perfect fit for remote training. After all, if the trainer came to your home, then your dog wouldn't actually be alone! We'll use web cameras or your computer, tablet, or phone to keep track of how your dog is feeling during a training session. 

Can I Leave My Dog Alone During the Training Process?

Because the training relies on making sure your dog is never anxious, you can only leave your dog alone during specific training sessions. There are several different ways to arrange for your dog to not be left alone during training. We'll be happy to discuss those with you and help you brainstorm solutions that work for your household.


How Long Does Training Take?

Training is particular to each dog, so there is no way to predict how long it will take for your dog to feel comfortable alone. Separation Anxiety is an anxiety disorder, so it's important to keep your dog's well-being at the heart of training. Your commitment to your dog and your ability to complete homework assignments factor into the amount of time for training to take hold.


Will This Program Work for My Dog? 

There are no guarantees when it comes to behavior change for dogs (or humans either!) Our program is based on the science of changing dogs' emotions to help them feel safe and comfortable and has helped thousands of dogs worldwide.


Do You Offer Refunds?

There are no refunds after payment is accepted. Fees may be transferred to other services or a gift certificate at my discretion. 

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